Traffic Tickets Paralegal Toronto: Ontario Highway Service Centres

The following newly redeveloped ONroute service centre sites are open 24/7, 365 days/year with full services including fuel, washrooms, parking, food services and a convenience store. Full-service fuelling is available from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week. Staff will assist disabled drivers with fuelling between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

  • Tilbury South – eastbound (Highway 401 – between Windsor and Chatham Kent)
  • Tilbury North – westbound (Highway 401 – between Chatham Kent and Windsor)
  • West Lorne – westbound (Highway 401 – between London and Chatham Kent)
  • Woodstock – eastbound (Highway 401 – between Ingersoll and Woodstock)
  • Dutton – eastbound (Highway 401 – between Chatham Kent and London)
  • Morrisburg – eastbound (Highway 401 – between Prescott [Highway 416] and Cornwall)
  • Bainsville – westbound (Highway 401 – near the Quebec/Ontario border)
  • Trenton North – westbound (Highway 401 – between Trenton and Cobourg)
  • Trenton South – eastbound (Highway 401 – between Cobourg and Trenton)
  • Ingleside – westbound (Highway 401 – between Cornwall and Morrisburg)
  • Mallorytown North – westbound (Highway 401 – between Ingleside and Kingston)
  • Napanee – westbound (Highway 401 –  between Belleville and Kingston)
  • Odessa – eastbound (Highway 401 –  between Kingston and Belleville)
  • Port Hope – eastbound (Highway 401 – near Port Hope)
  • Mallorytown South – eastbound (Highway 401 – between Kingston and Cornwall)
  • Cambridge North (Highway 401 – westbound) – between Cambridge and Guelph
  • Cambridge South (Highway 401 – eastbound) -between Guelph and Cambridge
  • Barrie (Highway 400 – northbound) – near Barrie
  • King City – northbound (Highway 400 – between Maple and King City)

The following service centres are also open with full services

  • Ingersoll – westbound (Highway 401 – between Woodstock and Ingersoll)
  • Maple – southbound (Highway 401 – between Newmarket and Vaughan)
  • Newcastle – westbound (Highway 401 – between Port Hope and Bowmanville)

The following service centre is currently fully closed:

  • Cookstown – southbound (Highway 400 between Innisfil and Newmarket)

How many service centres will be affected?

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario manages 23 service centres along Highway 401 from Windsor to the Quebec border, and along a portion of Highway 400 north of Toronto.

The redevelopment of 20 of the 23 service centre sites is being phased in and expected to be completed by 2015. The remaining three sites (Newcastle, Ingersoll and Maple) were rebuilt in the late 1990s and will be reviewed for redevelopment beyond 2018.

As oil company leases expire, service centres will be closed temporarily to allow for cleanup and construction activities to be safely completed.

Why are we modernizing the service centres?

Most of Ontario’s highway service centres were built in the 1960s and are outdated and need to be replaced.

The lease agreements for the 20 of the 23 service centres began to expire in 2007. In the past, three oil companies owned, operated and provided services at these locations.

Once the leases expire and prior to redevelopment of the service centre sites, cleanup activities must take place. This requires full closure of the sites for six to eighteen months (dependent on site layout, weather and field conditions). When the cleanup is completed, construction of the redeveloped sites commences.

The new highway service centres feature eco- and family-friendly facilities, offering quick service dining, coffee, convenience retail, enhanced truck facilities, tourism information, and fully accessible washrooms.

The redeveloped service centres also help keep drivers safe by providing rest stops for travellers and commercial motorists. Service centres are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Signs at redeveloped service centres and on highways show the ONroute logo indicating that services are provided by HKSC Developments L.P., a consortium formed by Toronto-based Kilmer Van Hostrand, which has significant experience in civil infrastructure and sport/entertainment interests, and HMS Host, a part of Autogrill S.p.A., the world’s largest provider of food, beverage and retail services in travel centres. You can also see the logo at travel centres operated by HMS Host along roadways in the U.S.

How will motorists be notified of the service centre closures?

Highway signs indicate when upcoming service centres are closed, when limited services are available, and where 24-hour, off-road services are available. Ontario’s service centres will re-open as soon as possible to provide opportunities to stop and rest.

While the service centres are closed, fuel and food services can be obtained on a 24-hour-a-day basis at privately operated and easily accessible alternative service areas located at interchanges along the highways.

When these service centres close, where will travellers access amenities such as fuel, washrooms, food and rest stations?

We are continuing to re-open service centres as soon as possible to provide opportunities for travellers to stop and rest.

While the service centres are closed, fuel and food services can be obtained 24 hours a day at easily accessible, privately-operated service areas located along the highways.

Highway signs are posted in advance of service centres that do not have fuel or service and will also indicate the exits where 24/7 services and fuel are available. These signs are also posted closer to those specific exits to remind drivers that those sites are coming up.

Will there be special rest areas for truck drivers needing to take a break from driving? If so, where?

Where service centres are being rebuilt, commercial drivers are being directed to privately operated off-highway 24/7 locations to park and obtain fuel and food services.

Highly visible signs are posted on the highway in advance of those service centres that do not have fuel or services. These signs indicate the exits at which 24/7 fuel/food are available. These signs are also posted closer to those specific exits to remind drivers that those sites are coming up. Advance information about the temporary closures will be posted on signs along the highway at the affected service centres.

Truck parking and expanded truck parking lots can be found at the currently open sites (see question 1.) with additional truck parking capacity available at Newcastle, Ingersoll, and Maple service centres.

When will each service centre be brought back into operation?

The first nineteen redeveloped service centre sites are now fully open providing quick-service dining options, fully accessible washrooms, outdoor patios and pet exercise areas, free WiFi connection, tourism information and ample parking for cars and trucks. The Tilbury South – eastbound (Highway 401 West) and Bainsville – westbound (Highway 401 East) service centres also feature a staffed tourism centre to provide motorists with Ontario travel information.

The final service centre being redeveloped – Cookstown, closed February 1, 2013 to commence cleanup activities. Options for redevelopment of the Cookstown site are under review however; it is anticipated that the Cookstown service centre will fully open by summer 2015.


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