Careless Driving


Got a ticket for careless driving?

CPsolutions can help you to avoid 6 demerit points and keep your insurance low!

What is careless driving?

Careless driving is a form of unlawful driving actions which an operator will deliberately behave with contempt towards other drivers and drive in such a manner as to increase the risk of an automobile accident. Careless driving can lead to serious crimes, such as manslaughter or murder. An aggressive driver may drive so recklessly as to injure or kill another driver or himself. Usually, the police lay charges for careless driving following the situations like:

  • Collision (if the officer decides that you are responsible)
  • Crash (if the officer decides that you are responsible)
  • Hitting a Cyclist
  • Drive into abutment
  • Drive into ditch
  • Drive into hydro pole
  • Drive into snow bank
  • Drive into tree
  • Flipped car
  • Fender bender
  • Head-on crash
  • Highway collision course
  • Highway mayhem
  • Hit building
  • Hit bus, then hit by oncoming truck
  • Hit car, then utility pole
  • Hit cyclists who were in bike lane
  • Hit guide rail
  • Hit hydrant
  • Hit parked vehicle
  • Hit pedestrian in crosswalk
  • Hit rock face
  • Hit telephone pole
  • Hit truck in roundabout
  • Pile-up
  • Improper or excessive lane changing
  • failing to signal intent
  • failing to see that movement can be made safely
  • Improper passing – failing to signal intent
  • Using an emergency lane to pass or passing on the shoulder

If you’ve got a Ticket for Careless Driving: Knowing the Consequences

Careless driving is a very serious offence. In accordance with the Highway Traffic Act, every person is guilty of the offence of driving carelessly who drives a motor vehicle on a highway without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the highway and on conviction is liable to a fine of not less than $400 and not more than $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term of not more than 6 months, or to both, and in addition his or her licence or permit may be suspended for a period up to two years.

Penalties for careless driving

  • Upon conviction – fine is not less than $400 and not more than $2,000, 6 demerit points, up to 6 months jail, up to 2 years licence suspension for a first conviction
  • Second offence – Driver licence suspension up to 10 years within 10 years of first conviction

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Make a Decision: Choose Right Strategy to Deal with You Ticket for Careless Driving

You have 15 days from the date of the offence to pay your ticket for careless driving or to request a trial. You have 3 options:

  • Pay the fine (out of court)
  • Visit a court office to plead guilty but make submissions about amount of fine or time to pay
  • Request a trial

According to the circumstances involved and the information on your ticket for careless driving, consider all options you have and decide what to do: whether to pay your fine for careless driving at once and get a conviction record; try to lower your fine, pay it and get a conviction record; or to fight the ticket for careless driving. Weigh the pros and cons of every option.

Do you realize that paying your ticket for careless driving means you are pleading guilty to the offence? Once you pay your ticket thereby pleading guilty, the conviction for careless driving will be on your driving records, and if you have a conviction record, your auto insurance will be increased, big time. Calculate the cost of fighting the ticket for careless driving and weigh it against the chances of getting it reduced to a lower charge.

Remember, that at CPsolutions we always ready to fight your ticket for careless driving!

Find out How CPsolutions Can Help You Avoid 6 Demerit Points and Keep Your Insurance Low

  • At CPsolutions, we will develop the best possible strategy of your defense; have experience and knowledge and we know how to fight your ticket for careless driving. If there is an outstanding error on your careless driving ticket, we may be able to build your defense on that. Probably, your defense will be based on exceptional circumstances that lead to the laying careless driving charge. In some cases, it is reasonable to admit guilt without harming your case.
  • It always takes time and needs knowing the legal procedures to get necessary information (for example, disclosure) to fight your ticket for careless driving. At CPsolutions, we request this information in advance to develop the best strategy for fighting your careless driving ticket.
  • If you hire CPsolutions to fight your ticket for careless driving, we will come to the hearing instead of you, and you will not be involved in a stressful process.
  • You will avoid standing in line, finding and paying for parking and gas in order to travel to the provincial offences court just to request a trial date. We will request a trial date for your ticket for careless driving.
  • You will not have to ask for a day off at work just to request a trial date for your ticket for careless driving and then to attend the hearing.
  • If you have got a ticket for careless driving being far from home, we can handle your case without you having to travel to the court at that location.
  • We make sure that all evidences are well-organized for your careless driving case.
  • Often, we talk to the Prosecutor before the hearing and we are able to come out with a good deal such as: lowering a fine or demerit points or both, paying a fine without incurring the demerit points on your licence.

CPsolutions provides with paralegal services and can fight your ticket for careless driving in Toronto, Aurora, Barrie, Brampton, Burlington, Caledon, Collingwood, Maple, Markham, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville,  Richmond Hill, Scarborough,  Thornhill, and Vaughan.

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