Provincial Offences


Provincial Offences Act

In Ontario, the Provincial Offences Act (POA) is a provincial statute that sets out procedures for the prosecution of offences under other provincial statutes and regulations and municipal by-laws. Under a Memorandum of Understanding, municipalities are responsible for the administration of courts hearing Provincial Offences Act matters and the prosecution of certain POA cases on behalf of the Attorney General.

Provincial offences

Provincial offences are minor (non-criminal) offences that include, but are not limited to:

  • speeding, careless driving, or not wearing your seat belt – Highway Traffic Act
  • failing to surrender your insurance card or possessing a false or invalid insurance card – Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
  • being intoxicated in a public place or selling alcohol to a minor – Liquor Licence Act
  • entering prohibited premises or failing to leave premises after being directed to do so – Trespass to Property Act
  • smoking in an enclosed workplace or selling tobacco to a person under 19 (Smoke Free Ontario Act)
  • Occupational Health and Safety, Ministry of Environment, Transportation, Natural Resources, Labour, or Finance violations
  • Municipal bylaws (noise, zoning, parking)
  • Most provincial offences charges result in out-of-court fine payments. Persons who get a ticket under the Provincial Offences Act should read it carefully for a complete list of the options available to them.

Who can issue Provincial Offence Notices (tickets)?

There are many enforcement agencies in Toronto who can issue you a ticket, including:

  • City By-law Enforcement (Toronto Public Health, Municipal and Licensing and Standards officers)
  • Toronto Fire Services
  • Toronto Police Service
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • Ministry of Transportation
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Ministry of Health
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • Go Transit
  • T.T.C.

Types of Provincial Offence Notices (tickets)

There are three different types of Provincial Offence Notices.

Part I – a ticket that is issued to an individual

Part II – parking tickets

Part III – a summons (including a court date)

The Offence Notice (ticket) Process

After being served a ticket (Offence Notice) the defendant then has three options

  1. Pays fine – a conviction is registered
  2. Pleads guilty with explanation – a conviction is registered
  3. Attends court office to file a request for trial (must complete a Notice of Intention to Appear) and/or meet with a prosecutor.

Time Limitation

You have 15 days from receipt of an offence notice to exercise one of the above noted options. If you fail to respond you will be deemed not to dispute the charge. If you do not exercise one of the above options within 15 days, or if you do not appear for your trial, a Justice of the Peace will review your case and may enter a conviction in your absence.

Provincial Offences Courts:

  • accept payment of Provincial Offence fines (except parking fines)
  • schedule and supports Provincial Offence trials
  • provide intake court services (e.g. walk-in guilty pleas, re-opening applications, extension of time to pay, etc.)
  • provide information on the filing of appeals
  • receiving and processing transcript orders of the official court proceedings
  • manage the filing of Provincial Offences Act matters including appeals
  • provide information for general inquiries about Provincial Offences via mail and e-mail, telephone, in person

Four (4) Digit ICON numbers on your Traffic Ticket or Notice:

Often, motorists receive Yellow Offence Notices or Notice of Fine and Due Date or a Red Light Camera Offence Notice and are not sure who to talk to or where they should go to Request a Trial Date to contest their tickets. Often there is a sequence of numbers on the ticket or notice which can aid a motorist in locating the office responsible for their tickets.

  • On a Yellow Offence Notice – look at the top left hand corner and you will see a four (4) digit ICON number.
  • On a Notice of Fine & Due Date Notice or a Red Light Camera Offence Notice – look at the first four (4) digits of the Offence Number – this is the four (4) digit ICON number.

After you have identified those four (4) digits, review this list of ICON numbers. You will find the four (4) digit ICON number, the corresponding Provincial Offence Office and corresponding phone numbers.

Provincial Offences Act (POA) offices in Ontario

To find the municipality to which your POA fine is payable:


Location ID

Municipality Inquiry Number
0160 Sault Ste. Marie 705-541-7344
0161 Elliott Lake 705-862-7875
0260 Brantford 519-751-9100
0460 Ottawa 613-580-2665
0560 Cochrane 705-272-2538
0561 Timmins 705-360-1332
0660 Orangeville 905-584-2272
0661 Caledon East 905-584-2273
0760 St. Thomas 519-633-1460
0860 Windsor 519-255-6555
0960 Kingston 613-547-8557 ext. 1621
1060 Owen Sound & Walkerton 519-376-2205 ext. 260
1160 Cayuga 905-772-3327
1260 Burlington, Milton & Oakville 905-637-1274
1360 Belleville 613-966-0331
1460 Goderich 519-524-8394
1561 Kenora 807-467-2984
1562 Dryden 807-223-1429
1660 Chatham 519-352-8484
1760 Sarnia 519-344-8880
1860 Perth 613-267-3311
1960 Brockville 613-342-2357
2060 Napanee 613-354-4883
2260 Gore Bay 705-282-2420
2360 London 519-661-1882
2460 Muskoka 705-645-1231
2560 North Bay 705-474-0626
2660 Simcoe 519-428-2492
2760 Cobourg 905-372-3329
2860 Durham 905-668-3130
2960 Woodstock 519-539-9800
3060 Parry Sound 705-746-2101
3160 Brampton 905-450-4770
3161 Mississauga 905-615-4500
3260 Stratford 519-271-0531
3360 Peterborough 705-742-7777
3460 L’Orignal 613-675-4661
3560 Picton 613-476-2148
3660 Fort Frances 807-274-1676
3760 Pembroke 613-735-3482
3860 Barrie 705-739-4220
3861 Orillia 705-739-4220
3960 Cornwall, Alexandria & Morrisburg 613-933-5614
4060 Sudbury 705-673-0404
4061 Espanola 705-862-7875
4160 Temiskaming 705-672-3221
4260 Thunder Bay 807-625-2999
4360 Kawartha Lakes 705-324-3962
4460 Kitchener 519-745-9446
4461 Cambridge 519-745-9446
4560 Niagara Falls 905-371-8988
4561 St. Catharines 905-371-8988
4562 Welland 905-371-8988
4660 Guelph 519-826-0762
4760 Hamilton 905-540-5592
4960 Newmarket 905-898-0425
4961 Richmond Hill 905-762-2105

Please note that court staff cannot provide you with a legal advice. If you are not sure what you’ll have to do – contact CPsolutions