How often have you been in the position that you did not know what to do next? When dealing with legal matters, most of us are not ready to spend time and energy finding out which way is the best to solve a determined issue.

There are different situations that anybody has to deal with at any given moment: Traffic Tickets, automobile or workplace accidents, Landlord and Tenant Board or Small Claims Court problems, are phrases than can disturb our normal routine.

At CPsolutions, we believe that you deserve clear and complete information in order to help you assess the implications of any particular situation.

Our purpose is to provide an honest and reliable service, our plan is to keep you updated about every step we take in order to solve your case; therefore, you will be at all times aware of what may be the decision of the court. Our obligation is to give our best effort to assist you without promises we cannot fulfill.

The success of our business relies upon our clientele satisfaction and that is why the interest of the customer will be always placed ahead of our own.

Yours truly,

Carlos Perdomo

  • Founder of CPsolutions
  • Paralegal & Legal Assistant
  • Graduated with Honours from Herzing College (Toronto)
  • Licensed by the Upper Canada Law Society
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